PT Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional Tbk. ("JSI") is a real estate investment company and an Operating Holding Company to concentrate in the property and hospitality


To be a World Class Property Investment & Development Company


We Continuously Strive for Excellence

  • 1975

    - PT Jakarta Setiabudi Internasional Tbk. founded by Darmadi in 1975. 

    - Known for service excellence and product innovation, JSI has managed to gain the trust and respect of international business partners, including Hyatt International, Accor Asia Pacific, Itochu Corporation, Shimizu and Nomura.

    Founder: Darmadi 


    One of Indonesia’s most prominent real estate businessman. Since founding the Company in 1975, Mr. Darmadi has been recognized for his adherence to producing innovative and quality products. He pioneered developments which have led to the formation of Jakarta's commercial business district (CBD) and luxurious resorts in Bali. 


    In addition to his real estate experiences with partners such as Hyatt International, Accor, Itochu, Tokyu Land and Mandarin Hotel, Mr. Darmadi's other past and current global partners include of Nomura, Itochu, Agip Oil, Shell Oil, American Cynamid, Toyobo in the finance, trading, textile, agriculture and chemical industry. 


    Currently Mr. Darmadi is actively involved in various non-profit organizations and community activities. His philosophy in personal and professional life is Care & Responsible, which has since become the Company’s culture.

  • 1976

    Opening Ceremony of Skyline Buidling, one of the first office building in Thamrin

  • 1977

    Setiabudi 1, one of the first office building in Rasuna Said, Kuningan

  • 1980

    Permata Hijau Real Estate was built, a high end residential development in South Jakarta

  • 1981

    Setiabudi 2 was built to complement Setiabudi 1

  • 1983

    Puri Indah Real Estate was built, a high end residential development in West Jakarta

  • 1984

    Taman Permata Buana was built to complement Puri Indah in West Jakarta

  • 1989

    - Plaza Menteng was built, one of the first retail shopping center in the luxurious area of Menteng. 

    - Tamanpuri Setiabudi was built, a townhouse complex strategically located at Kuningan, Jakarta

  • 1991

    - Opening ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Bali.

    - Setiabudi Atrium was built, which completed Plaza Setiabudi complex, a landmark in Rasuna Said

  • 1992

    Opening ceremony of Galeria Nusa Dua, one of Bali's first retail destination

  • 1993

    Tamanpuri Permata Hijau was built, a townhouse complex strategically located at Simprug, Jakarta

  • 1997

    Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta, opening ceremony.

  • 1998

    Initial Public Offering on the Indonesian Stock Exchange on 12th January, 1998


  • 2001

    The Mercure Convention Center was taken over entirely by JSI

  • 2002

    JSI Limited Public Offering I (Right Issue I) on December 11, 2002.

  • 2003

    The Mercure Resort Sanur, was taken over entirely by JSI, and then renovated

  • 2005

    - PT Copylas Indonesia, a subsidiary of JSI, signed a MOU with Bogor Botanical Garden at the Puri Botanical Residence soft launching event, the first residential project with a botanical park concept 

    - JSI acquired ownership of PT Skyline Building from the Itochu Corporation, to be the majority shareholder with 65 percent ownership

  • 2006

    - Bali Collection Opening Ceremony, a new entertainment and lifestyle center in Bali targeting the upper class 

    - Ibis Budget Jakarta Menteng started operating


  • 2007

    Setiabudi Residences development was finished and the unit hand over to the buyers began

  • 2008

    Formule 1 Hotel Cikini opening ceremony

  • 2011

    JSI inaugurated the Setiabudi SkyGarden grand launching

  • 2012

    Formule 1 Menteng and Formule 1 Cikini transformed into Ibis Budget Jakarta Menteng and Ibis Budget Jakarta Cikini

  • 2013

    PT Darsana Tempa Internasional was formed to launch new project in Yogyakarta

  • 2014

    Launching ceremony of POP! Hotel Kemang, Jakarta and POP! Hotel Gandekan Lor, Yogyakarta.

  • 2015

    - PT Belitung Resor Internasional was formed to launch new projects in Belitung.

    - Setiabudi SkyGarden apartment unit hand over that had been started since June 2015.

  • 2016

    PT Medan Raya Perkasa was formed to launch new projects in Medan