CG Principle


To be a world-class property investment and development company, managerial activity of JSI adapts Good Corporate Governance practice in accordance with prevailing law in Indonesia as well as best practice in property industry.

To establish this commitment, all JSI personnel in the Company refers to transparency, accountability, responsibility, independency and fairness principles. The commitment is evident from JSI’s effort to bring added-value property service to fulfill expectation of all shareholders and stakeholders.


Corporate Governance principles consist of Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility, Independency and Fairness.

The implementation of these five principles of GCG can be seen in the various activities, among others:


The Company upholds the principle of disclosure as a form of transparency in giving relevant information to all stakeholders. One of the efforts conducted is by always updating Company website as the gate of information for the society/ public, investors or the shareholders. Periodically, Company’s disclosures are also done by publishing Financial Statements by Quarter, Bi-annual, and Annual, as well as Annual Report, Information

Disclosure Report or Public Expose every year in order to convey information concerning Company’s development at present or in the future.


The Company stresses the rights, obligations, authorities and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and the stakeholders. Meetings to make strategic decisions are conducted regularly among members of the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and Management.


As a public company that constantly put forward the GCG principles, compliance with the laws, regulations of capital market and Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), regulation of regional government and regulation on taxation, must be met for the long term interests of the shareholders.

As a part of its responsibility toward the society and the surrounding environment, periodically, the Company and its subsidiaries are involved in various activities of corporate social responsibility.


The management of the Company consists of professionals who are responsible to ensure that the business activities have been performed by anticipating the needs and expectations of market and also with due regard to the Corporate Governance principles. The decision-making is done independently and objectively for the best interest of the Company and the stakeholders.


In conducting their duties, all employees and management are required to have professionalism and high integrity. All actions must be in accordance with the applicable system and procedures in Company’s Group.

The Company has authority that have functions to implement GCG in all strategic or operational activities of the Company.